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Vision Plaza, 3rd Floor, Mombasa Road

Residents of Muthaiga estate are up in arms over a security operation that has been mounted on the roads leading to the area.

Since Tuesday, no boda bodas, pedestrians and commercial vehicle drivers are allowed to enter the main Muthaiga Road from Oil Libya Plaza unless they produce an ID.

All persons entering the posh area, including through Kiambu Road and from mini Muthaiga roundabout, have to undergo mandatory security checks at the various roadblocks in the area.

The rule applies to all persons – including all house helps and construction workers – visiting the area. The estate is inhabited by the country’s most powerful men and women in the political and business circles.

Muthaiga Residents Association chairperson on Wednesday asked all residents to provide details of workers visiting the area.

Those with house helps or workers visiting should issue them job cards or letters stating their particulars.

Required are names of the employees, their ID numbers, plot or house number they are visiting, their eemployer and their contact details.

For commercial vehicles – such as those going to a construction site or service vehicles – a letter must be provided by the persons they are delivering material to.

The letter, according to an email to residents seen by the Star, should show the vehicle plate number, driver’s name, ID number and purpose of visit.

Residents are unhappy with the operation, which they say evokes the restrictions Kenyans endured in the pre-Independence era.

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